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In my family we like chips. We have been known to throw parties that revolve around chips. A chip and dip party to be precise. Or on vacation when eating to many chips, we call it a "chip trip". Being a chip lover can be a vice. Especially if you go for the processed options available at the grocery store. Potato chips tend to get the worst rap. When we have leftover potatoes I like to make homemade chips for my family. I can control the sodium, and there are no mystery ingredients.  

If you like chips like me and want to be healthy you have probably tried kale chips. I happen to love them. My girls eat them. And the hubbs seems to think cooking them stinks up our house. You cant always please everyone right? They are a healthy way to get a crunch fix and squeeze in so extra vitamins into snack time.

Homemade chips are great as long as you get the seasoning right. This little jar is my favorite homemade chip seasoning: 1 part kosher salt / 1 part garlic powder / 1 part smoked paprika ....... the color and sweet smokiness that the smoked paprika lends really makes this seasoning so good. It work really well on fish, in fish fry batter, pork and in rice. In light of super bowl this weekend I thought that I would encourage you to try this seasoning if you want to enjoy a healthier "chip trip" :)



the girl is craftee said...

I want to trip out on chips this weekend. Do you have recipes for the above chips? I've never made either!

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