Pajama Jam Birthday.

We are finally done with our two week long birthday celebration. The girls Pajama Jam was the last hurrah, and it was great! Here are a few images of the party detals, although I didnt photograph everything I wanted! You can see my very homemade attempt at the beautiful confetti system streamers.

Is there anything cuter than a bunch of little ones in their jammies?!

The rice krispy treat cake was perfect for a morning party, fit with the pajama theme and it was a great way to deal with that fact that Olivia is allergic to eggs and nuts. Tricky when it comes to birthdays because you cant just go out to a bakery and order up something. It is just not safe for her. I will definately make it again. So easy. All you have to do is form your krispy mixture into the cake pans of your choice!

I love these party hats. I am keeping them, i think we can use them for New Years? See my tutorial here.

I really liked doing a morning party because serving breakfast foods is easier in my opinion, the girls didn't have to wait all day for their party, and after the party was over we still had a full day! Ps I am a little obsessed with balloons on sticks. I think that they are so cute :)

Make your own Pillow case with fabric markers, stencils, and bulk pillow cases I found off Amazon.

It was great to see how much the kids liked decorationg their very own pillow case.

The hours I spent with my hot glue gun and scissors paid off when all the girls friends decorated their very own sleep mask with felt stickers. To my delight many of them have been sleeping with them since the party! Makes me smile.

And a good old fashioned sack race. I raced. And I almost jumped thru a bag. Not good. The kids however, did a fantastic job. Even little livs at age 2 was hopping around. It was precious.


All the time  I spend obsessing of the details of their and any party for that matter, is just my kind of thing. And even though my girls wont remember how well I stuck to a "theme", or how long I spent glittering the party hats, the smile on all the kids faces make it worth it. Especially my two special girls.....exhale...all the birthday party planning is over until next year....I guess I should start on Valentines Day <3



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Omg it looks perfect!!!!! I love all the details!

Torrie said...

you did such a good job... and just so you know- through the entire post I thought about how "well [you] stuck to a 'theme'" :)... i totally pride myself on the same thing (& notice when others do the same)... except i honestly haven't been to a kid's party as of late that really follows a theme (or serves anything other than pizza & chips), so now i reaaaaaally appreciate it (even if only online :)).

domestic dish said...

Thanks girls :) ot was fun!

Stephanie said...

i love all your details. looks like so much fun.

i did a "mimosas and donuts" party for my youngest last year on a friday. it greatly shortened the invite list since all the big kids were at school (which i for me was a good thing!) moms indulged in champagne on a friday at eleven. when do we get to do that?!

i'm slightly obsessing over those party hats, btw!

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