Champagne Friday.

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There is a special feeling of glamour, sophistication, and fun felt when sipping on some bubbly. It happens to be one of my favorite indulgences.... among others :). When two of my favorite girls {Estelle and Michelle} threw around the idea to review of our favs, I was all in..... To keep it simple I decided to share my go-to choices. My mid-priced favorite and uber budget favorite.


The budget. If you are a fellow Joe's junkie, chances are that you have spyed this sweet deal before. It's only $4.99. I will say that this is on the sweet side. It is perfect for entertaining and making champagne cocktails because the sweetness it cut with bitters. My favorite being blood orange bitters found at Bevmo. I haven't been able to find a better value champagne. Stock up because Tj's runs out. Seriously.

The mid. Mumm Napa Cuvée : I usually pick this up at bevmo. I don't like dry bubbly. This is crisp, refreshing and slightly sweet. It is hands down my favorite .... It is not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive, but it consistently delivers the best taste and value. I suppose I sound very serious about my champagne? It is important stuff, you never know when you need to celebrate! At $15-20 a bottle, we always have one in the fridge.

Coincidently I posted about my favorite bubbly book last Friday which you can read about here. Make sure to check out Estelle, Michelle, and Melissa. They shared their favorite Bubbly today too!

Go celebrate something and have a bubbly filled weekend!


Ps. Have you ever tried pouring Champagne over a popsicle? I cant't wait til warmer months to try! It looks too fun...Im thinking outdoor movie night with a projector and some bubbly poured popsicles. I will make it happen...


Micah said...

Mmmmm. I, too, love sweeter champagne. And I'm totally going to try this champagne and popsicle thing this summer.

Estelle Hayes said...

Yes, champagne over a popsicle! I'm all for it. That sounds like fun. And I too, like Mumm for a good mid-range go-to and I've never heard of the peach one from TJ's but it does sound like it would be a good cocktail mix. Going to need to try that soon! Great post, Danielle.

Torrie said...

so excited to read each of your posts... because this is an area that r & i are actually learning (on v-day, we bought a bunch and have been conducting important research)... & i've never tried either of these! But i will do and i'll let you know what we think!

marshamellow said...

I do champagne floats with sorbet! Its so delicious and fun :)

Stephanie said...

how great is that first photo! i am definitely trying that soon. i'm thinking my favorite popsicle-- a "big stick"-- is in order.

i like champagne with a a little shot of st. germain in it. yum.

katie//salt+pine said...

Ooooh, I'm going to TJ's this afternoon! I'm definitely going to try it. And champagne over popsicles sounds like so much fun!

Pretty Mommy said...

Okay! I'm convinced to make a TJ's run as delicious and yes, can't wait for summer & popsicle avec bubbles & movie nights!! cheers D! xoxo

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