Cocktail Friday.

It has been quite some time since we have had cocktail Friday around here. Because it is a long weekend and because I see some bubbly in my weekend future, I thought I would share a recipe from my favorite bubbly book { Tiny Bubbles by Kate Simon }. Also, I love cherries. As a kid my favorite dessert was always cherry pie. It is a nice thing to indulge in an adult version of a childhood favorite. Don't you think?

Marasca Fizz
Serves 1 -

Loose raw sugar for he rim of the glass
4 real maraschino cherries with syrup
2 cubes raw sugar
3 dashes blood orange bitters
1 ounce cherry brandy
4 ounces Prosecco or champagne

Place a little loose on a small plate. Wipe 1 cherry along the rim of a chilled 6-ounce flute, then turn the glass over and dip the rim in the sugar. Put the sugar cubes in the glass and the bitters, brandy, and 3 remaining cherries, each with a dash of the syrup they're packed in. Top slowly with bubbly and stir gently.

Have a lovely weekend friends!



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