Party hat makeover.

Plain old original party hats are great. Classic. But when it comes to the birthday party for my both my girls, I want more. I need more. Plus I am always up for a craft! I sat in my garage while one girlie slept and the other was away learning, just staring at the party hats.

 Hmmmm..... It looked like a little glitter, confetti, and feathers could fix the problem. They (glitter, confetti, and feathers) always do, don't they? I am a firm believer of that :)

All I did was Spray one side (the right to be specific) lightly with craft adhesive spray. It is the next best thing to gold spray paint if you ask me. Then I sprinkled the entire tacky area with paper confetti and glitter confetti so that one side had a little flair. Next I sprayed the spot I wanted to stick the feathers, put them on, and continued to make 20 more. Not to bad.

These party hats make me smile. And most importantly both of my girls lit up when they saw them. Exactly what I was hoping for :)


Party on...


Estelle said...

Hey lady, did you see you're featured on DailyBuzz Moms today? I was so excited when they sent your site as one that I could chose from. Love this post (the cake, the hats, the garland) all of it!

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