Living with egg allergies on Easter

Last year during Easter it became very apparent that Easter will always be our worst time with Olivia and her Egg and nut allergies. I came to the realization during an egg toss relay last Easter. Eggs were breaking and gooping all over. In my mind they were like little grenades with poison exploding all over. I held little Livs tight in that scary moment took a deep breath and knew that next Easter would be different for us.

No real egg dying.

No hidden real eggs.

And a clarification on what makes a "safe" egg and the real dangerous thing different.

Plus lots of fun. Can't leave that out.

We find it important to focus on what she CAN have and CAN do on a daily basis in an effort to not discourage her. She may only be two, but she is wise beyond her years and knows that she is allowed different than others. This can be particularly hard for an egg allergy child during this month filled with talks of egg dying and egg hunts. She is a little confused after being told to stay away from eggs. The enemy. We have opted to call them "bunny hunts" and "Easter art". It just makes more sense for now.

When my sister and her neighbors wanted to plan an egg decorating activity for all the kids, I jumped right in and offered to bring the "eggs". The safe eggs. Styrofoam, paper mache, and wood. Glitter, lots of glue, sequins, yarn, ribbon, we had it all. And it was a glitter/glue fun mess. The kids took turns painting glue on their eggs, shaking them in cups of colorful glitter, and then decorating.

If it wasn't messy, then it wasn't fun right? :)

The important thing is that there is life after no eggs for my allergy girl.... even on Easter.



Torrie said...

i completely agree... in focusing on what she can, rather than cannot have.

i love that you put so much of a focus on holidays, and making them a Big deal... and especially- that you incorporated family and friends!! (can you adopt me??)

C.S. said...

Check out for a dyeable ceramic egg developed for kids w/ egg allergies to decorate!

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