Filling up.

This weekend I plan on filling up. Filling up on family time, with giggles and kisses, And I feel it necessary to fill up on a meal like this, and filling up my basket at the local farmers market.

Next weekend I am attending my first ever food swap. I need to stock up on seasonal goodness to can and cook. I will then swap the goods with other foodies like myself. I am excited to participate and gives me an excuse to cook all weekend! I will surely let you know what our kitchen turns out. I hope you "fill up" with what you need this weekend, be it produce or giggles :) .....



Estelle Hayes said...

Hmmm, food swap? That sounds like fun. I hope you blog about it and share about all the goodies. That basket full of veggies loos mouth watering. Reminds me how much I love radishes. I need to find some at the farmer's market this weekend for sure.

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