Food Swap.

About a month ago I attended my first ever food sawp. It lugged our wagon down to Cardiff in search of a new experience. And those who know me, would likely tell you that I will take any excuse to cook up a storm in my kitchen. It takes me to my happy place {see last week, and here}


What I found was a sense of community among other people who love food. Peopple who really appreciated you creative packageing and some delicious food. I am so glad I attended. I was a little reluctant to go it alone with my girls while the firefighter was at work... It turned out to be wonderful!

I really love how food brings people together.

Here is what we brought and swapped:

Sweet Paul's Lemon Thyme Feta Dip. A very large batch :)

Slow Roasted Tomatoes. Our kitchen staple.

Maple Oat Muffins {egg and nut free}

It you are local the next event is on may 5th. You can check out the Encinitas food swap page for more information. Although I will most likely attend the next event...I am feeling inspired and am thinking of starting a swap closer to home... maybe the San Elijo Food Swapp? I cant help but want to bring people together over food. For one reason or another it is part of who I am. Would you attend a food Swap?



Torrie said...

i would totally attend a food swap!!

not only that- but now- after seeing all of these scrumptious images, i'm STARVING, thank you very much ;).

i love the idea of bringing people together over food. that's why i'm so drawn to the northern ca area... all of their farmers markets, festivals, harvest celebrations... food serving as the vehicle to bring others together :).

Bestie said...

love this and i would totally participate if i was local! in fact, i may just have to start one here. love what you brought and since i am on a vegan baking kick, i will definitely try those muffins soon! xo

the girl is craftee said...

I'd be interested, but I'd need more info. I'd like to see what you got in exchange too!

Fern and Feather said...

wait this looks incredible.... I would love to participate sometime! ox

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