Daily Buzz Moms Challange 9 x 9: Horsing around ~ A Kentucky Derby inspired day

As a mom I find it important to find the party in every day. I like to use it to teach my girls something new about our world. And often enough we can make a party with what we have on hand at home. And with much rain over our weekend, it was an indoor kind of day. We celebrated the upcoming Kentucky Derby. My girls love horses. I had their attention. And loved every moment. We kept the menu light and kid friendly. And yes there is a Classic Mint Julip in that cup for Mr. and I. of course. We created a derby inspired centerpiece by incorporating a flat of wheat grass placed in a basket. Topped with a mini (homemade) felt flag and horses from the toy box.

A Hat contest / Parade was had. With our non traditional, not so fancy hats we have on hand.

"Church Hill Downs Turkey Chili Dogs" Served in coffee filters

Kale Slaw Served up in muffin liners. Topped with sesame seeds and apple cider vinegar.

An exciting game of "Pin the tale on the Pony". Utilizing our chalk wall, yarn, and tape. Unfortunately that is my very own freehand horse drawing. NOT the girls :)

The girls horses were neck and neck to the finish line.......

Fortunately it doesnt matter who won our lost.

In the end we all filled our bellies with or version of a "Derby Pie". We all were winners. I look forward to Partying on when the Kentucky Derby happens on May 5th!!


***Thank you to Daily Buzz Moms For Featuring this post in the April 9x9 Challange "Party On". Make sure to see the other parties here at Daily Buzz Moms


Bestie said...

another fabulous idea - thanks for sharing! you inspire me with all your cleaver food presentations - salads in muffin liners, the hot dogs, the packaging from the food exchange! super creative.

About Last Weekend said...

I absolutely LOVE that - finding the party in the everyday! Love also that pic of the horses galloping in the grass - that's what we should be all trying to capture!

this week for dinner - jane maynard said...

love your kentucky derby party - very creative and cute! and sounds like it was a lovely day with your family. thank you for your great post for the 9x9!

tricia said...

The food looks YUMMY!!!!!!! I've never been to the Kentucky Derby but I've been to one in DC...and my sister was a judge for the "tailgate" picnics. People brought the most gourmet hors douvres and other delectables that I COULD NOT believe!!!! The derby theme is very smart and fun!

Pretty Mommy said...

So cute!! You are such a good mama ;)

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