The case for "more"

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It is Monday. This is not a traditional post around these parts...Being honest in this little space helps me to keep myself honest. Before I move on for the week, there is something I need to get off my chest. For quite some time I have been holding myself back in the way of  "more".

I constantly feel like if I only had or did more then things would be easier, lighter, dreams realized...and so on. I have been overwhelming myself with to do's, making to many mental notes, and hoping too much. I have finally had it and have decided to give myself a break.

I am going to go back to focusing on what makes me and my family happy and at ease. No "more". I am scaling back working and getting back to being creative (my happy maker), blogging, crafting, cooking, mama-ing, wife-ing (not that I ever stopped!) and hopefully more time to take dandelion goods more seriously.

I have come to the realization that the quest of doing "more" and wanting "more" is too much for me. The only "more" that I will hold on to is for one more baby. When the time is right of course. Unfortunately the time is not now. But more babies is always good in my opinion. And I will daily remind myself that I am just shy of thirty and I have plenty of time for "more" later on. Exhale.

How do you manage to keep grounded and not overwhelmed by the "more" in your life?



Torrie said...

i always appreciate your honesty... and i could (as usual) definitely relate. i've been thinking about this exact same issue a lot (prior to, but even more so over this past weekend). i've realized that i'm in the same spot- always focusing on more of what i need to have/do before i can stop and "be happy". i've decided to scale back on some of the scheduled workouts (was taking up a huge amount of time) and to finally clear out my inbox, and my huge (huge) stack of paperwork... [the list goes on and on] so i too can once again simply focus on what makes me (and my family) happy.

yay for more cooking/blogging/crafting/mama-ing/wife-ing!!!

SuchSmallSteps said...

I totally agree, with you and Torrie. You can't do it all, especially not well. I find it so telling when I get up the nerve to say no or turn something down and then find myself so relieved- obviously a sign that I never was 100% into it to begin with. And there have been more than a few times the past year I've gone over the tipping point and felt the effects right away. Less is so much better for me in many respects! And another baby...sigh. I'd love one more but I don't think it's to be for us.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I had to say no to a few opportunities last week. We have to limit in able to enjoy. It's hard, I know that feeling of wanting to do it all...but it sounds like you are making smart choices and will benefit. Can't wait to see all that you create!

Bestie said...

my house is a mess. that's how i stay grounded :)
when i have down time, i spend it with the kiddos and not cleaning. keeping it real.

domestic dish said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I have been walking a fine line for months and am excited to be making some changes. Hopefully time for all the things I love and more babies (maybe) is in my future.

katie//salt+pine said...

I get hooked into all the "if only I do x, then y..." often, too. It just makes me feel horrible! It's ironic that all those thoughts of trying to be happy by doing certain things, we actually make ourselves feel worse. Good for you for identifying them and scaling back. Doing what *truly* makes us happy is the way to go...


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