What's in my cookie jar? - Salted chip

I have 2 problems:

1. I am addicted to Instagram.
2. I Cannot stop making these cookies (See Above).

Both of these problems I blame on my sweet neighbor. She introduced me to her favorite cookie recipe by bringing them over far to often (please don't stop). Soon enough I had to make them myself. It is kind of embarrassing how often I make these now. So I'll spare ya the details.... And She made me more inclined to try out Instagram. I had no idea what I was missing....

Fill up your cookie jar. Amen.

**My only variation on the cookie recipe is to substitute 1/2 of a large ripe banana in place of eggs to keep them allergy safe for our family. It adds a hint of banana. Yum.


Torrie said...

me tooooooo!!! utterly addicted.

ryan's been home sick for the week (crazy week) so i've been offline for the most part- so the quick check-ins to instagram have really brightened my spirits and kept the "crazy" from getting me down!

you have a neighbor that blogs... and bakes fantastic cookies... AND uses instagram??? JEALOUS.


katie//salt+pine said...

Those look insanely good, Danielle!

the girl is craftee said...

Oh my, salty-sweet, goodness! I'm considering making homemade ice cream sandwiches for my daughter's upcoming birthday. How good would salted choc. chip cookies be sandwiched with vanilla ice cream?!

About Last Weekend said...

I absolutely have to look into this Instagram thing!

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