The little things.

After some kind words from friends Torrie and Estelle, I decided to keep going and make "The little things" a regular post (I am using the word regular loosely here). So at the beginning of each week I will share with you all the little things that are making my world go round at the moment. Sound good? Ok!

Last night I packaged up a freshly made clutch to send to Ireland. That's right dandelion goods goes international! It totally makes my heart skip a beat and leaves me with a big smile knowing that someone so far away will be donning something I made.

A taste of summer. We had a seriously glorious weekend in Southern California and it gave us a glimmer of summer to come. Pool days, friends, and a good pool drink to top it off.

No matter how old I get, my dad leaves fruit smiley faces for me. He has been doing this since I was a child and it brought me right back when he left one on my kitchen counter the other day. I think I will start doing this for my girls to wake up to in the morning. I like a good tradition.

First hair cuts. I am holding on tightly to this little girl. Now that she is two, she seems so big. Now her first haircut. What next? No more diapers is on the horizon. I am a little emotional over my baby growing up.... so I am holding on tightly to all of the moments I can.

Your turn. What little things are shining bright in your world?



Torrie said...

yay!!!!!! so happy to hear that it's now a "regular" feature!!

yes, our weekend was so incredible... a total taste of summer. it just made the weekend so much more relaxing (even the non-relaxing/LAUNDRY parts of it). loooove that smiley face tradition. i'm totally going to do that too :).

me?? all food related (not surprising), but here are a few...

agave syrup in coffee. not an easy switch, but as i shared the other day, we're gettin' serious around here, so out with the creamer in with the agave (& 1% milk)... and really, it's not bad.

indian food. discovered a new market with great middle-eastern products (& produce), and went with the family over the weekend (our kinda outting)... & cooked delicious/healthy curry that night... Mmmmmm.

coconut oil. more to come on this in a future post :).

Mary said...

Ok, here's my "little things" moment of the day... I had some veggies that were just sitting in my fridge so last night I juiced them with a bunch of apples and pears. YUM! I had no plans of making Red Chard for dinner this week so I totally drank it for breakfast this morning... out of a mason jar. It IS the little things :)

SuchSmallSteps said...

Just discovered your shop and those clutches are to die for!! Definitely added to my wish list :)

My little thing today was enjoying a homemade scone with my coffee. Delicious and a little bit of a guilty pleasure.

the girl is craftee said...

Fruit smiley faces, love it! What a simple and silly, fun thing to do for your kids!

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