Weekend warrior.

Some weekends just breeze by in a MAJOR way huh? We were jam packed. Between my lovely sisters birthday, and the task of transforming the girls room from little girl beds to one big girl bunk bed. We did it all. And I managed to bake two of these banana cakes topped with chocolate ganache. And I went out for cocktails here. Enjoyed some vegan cupcakes for livs at a birthday party (thanks court!). Annnnnd I just managed to put together Ella's school valentines while watching Dowton Abbey all night.... I may need extra coffee this Monday morning....

We painted the girls new bunk bed twice. I changed my mind on the color. Oops. Thank goodness for an easy going hubbs! It is now turquoise rather than aqua. The great part is that they slept in it ALL night last night. I feel so lucky that Olivia transferred from a crib so easily. I'll cross my fingers it stays that way :)

Did I mention my coffee maker is broken?



the girl is craftee said...

Must have coffee. There are some days I'm so thankful for the parent's room coffee at my daughter's school!

Estelle said...

Oh dear, a broken coffee maker? That is painful isn't it? That happened to us a few months ago and I broke out the French press and was reminded of how good that can be. But then you at least need the bean grinder.

Well, I'm certainly impressed with everything you did (presumably without the help of caffeine!)

Notorious MLE said...

Our coffee maker broke last week. It was a rough week.

katie//salt+pine said...

Whoa, mama! You did have a busy weekend! I'm always so impressed with all you do, Danielle. Even with our espresso machine, I feel like I can't accomplish half the things you do!

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