Pumpkin Oatmeal

Want a spooky and healthy start to your day? Add some pumpkin to your oats. It was so yummy, and the kids thought so too. Plus I could pass it off as a spooky October breakfast because it was orange! Total win in the "make your kids a healthy breakfast department" Somehow it doesn't look very orange in the photo...you get the idea though...

What you need:

1 serving of Your favorite cooked oats, we cooked ours stove top
1 heaping tablespoon Canned pumpkin, not the pie filling
1/8 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup, agave works here too (one mixed in and one over top)

The toppings:

A splash of cream
Candied pecans
Dried cranberries

I will now pat myself on the back and get on with the day :) . I hope yours is wonderful.



saltandpine said...

This is perfect! We needed to get some canned pumpkin for our dog (don't ask...) who rejected it, so now I have too much of it. This sounds so good and I already have all the ingedients. Yay!

Bestie said...

We've been on a huge oatmeal kick and this sounds like a great one! Will definitely try.

saltandpine said...

I made it! So, so good!!

City Girl Chicago said...

This sounds devilishly good! cream + maple syrup? sounds like dessert! (in a good way) :)

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