crayon muffins.

Crayon muffins are not for eating. Just so were clear. Ella and I whipped these up last weekend during the extreme weather hype. This is so great to do if you have a bunch of crayon bits around. Turn them into bigger crayons and you don't have to throw them all away. Also the major plus is that all the crayon paper peeling kept Ella busy while I got a whole lot done! Next time we will do this in the evening and I can sit back, have a cocktail and catch up on magazines!

Line with muffin papers. Heat oven to 250.

Fill to the top to create the color design you would like. Next time we will sprinkle some glitter in them for a bit of sparkle.

Keep in the oven until the crayons are all melted. Remove, cool, remove paper, and let your petit artist shine.

Fun right?



Torrie said...

Very cute idea... and I especially like the 'sitting back and having a cocktail' part.

Love your new profile picture!!

Stephanie said...

this is so cool! definitely doing this one. might even make some party favors out of them. thanks for a great idea. and have to agree with miss torrie on the cocktail part. shocking. =)

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

That's such a great idea! And pretty too. They would be so much fun for a kid's party...either as favors or even a gift.

Katie @ salt+pine said...

So fun! Your cocktail & magazine comment made me laugh...I totally agree!

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