A party ready pantry.


The holidays are well under way and with family and friends in town, it is always good to be prepared for an impromptu cocktail or dinner party. I love impromptu parties, there is less stress and over thinking everything (as long as you have a party ready pantry!).All you need are a few things, well top 15 that will last until the next party. Let's go stock up!

Here's whats in my party pantry:

  1. Puff pastry- this is a must. You could practically wrap up anything in puff pastry and it would be delicious. Be it savory or sweet. Spread some cream cheese, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes on a pastry sheet, top with another sheet, crimp edges, bake, cut, serve. Doesn't get easier than that!
  2. Frozen baguette-I am all about making your own bread, but who has time to whip up a baguette, or even run to the store when your impromptu party starts? These are THE BEST. you can serve them up with dinner, cheese platter, with dips, bruscetta anyone? Love them.
  3. Pesto-jarred or frozen homemade
  4. Sun dried tomatoes
  5. Cheese-any cheese really will do! Especially if you know some serious cheeseophiles like I do. You know who you are! And make this. Yum.
  6. Dry salami
  7. Assorted olives-kalamata and jalapeno stuffed are my favorites.
  8. Marinated artichoke hearts- Antipasti platter anyone?
  9. Roasted red peppers- Chop these up and add to some shredded parm, cayenne, and the marinated artichoke hearts. Bake. Instant artichoke dip!
  10. Frozen shrimp- the possibilities are endless, and these little guy's defrost in no time! Shrimp cocktail, roasted shrimp with feta.
  11. Frozen berries-wrap them up in puff pastry and have a berry crostata for dessert.
  12. Ice cream- this plain old ingredient can be whipped into a fab dessert in no time. See here. And here.
  13. Red and white wine. Explanation unnecessary right?
  14. limoncello in the freezer- My inner Italian wanna-be makes me stock this aperitif.
  15. Ground espresso and coffee to end the party.

Keep these on hand and you will be party ready. Have yourself a merry little party....


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Torrie said...

Love the list (adding some of this to today's grocery store list)!! K- a couple of questions for ya...

1) For the instant artichoke dip, do you chop the artichokes, or leave whole? Do you add olive oil?

2) For the Limoncello- why in the freezer? (just curious!)

I am in the same boat with twitter. Have the basics figured out, but the hashtags, typing messages into retweets... confuse me. I did send you a message the other day on Twitter (a direct message)!

Pretty Mommy said...

What a fantastic list!! bookmarking it asap...

I'm Danielle said...

1.) For the artichoke dip I chop them up, some chopped garlic and a squezze of fresh lemon juice really brighten up the dip. It is also good with some monterey jack if you dont have parm on hand. I wouldn't add any oil since the parmesan is oily. 400 degrees for about 20 min!

2.) Why in the freezer? It keeps it super chilled for sipping after dinner.

Thanks for the twitter encouragement!

I'm Torrie. said...

okay this is so funny. i'm printing your list out now, and just now seeing your reply!! yaay. love it :).

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