Merry making.


I'm gonna be honest here, there has been NOTHING in my cookie jar for two whole weeks. Sad. But that is about to seriously change. With some holiday shopping under my belt and the house decorated, I can finally move on to one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Baking and candy making. I love to make treats to share with family and friends. And it is always great to cook them together. Every year my grandma, mom, sister and I would make divinity, fudge, and gingerbread cookies. We are now starting to carry this on with our daughters and mom. I hope that we are making grandma proud :). So today is the official start to my "merry making". Here is what is on my list so far, mostly candy:

Caramel and marshmallow bars
Nigella's Peanut butter cups
Orangette's Fruit nut balls
French bark
Peppermint bark
Sm ores bark
Cherry fudge
Grandma's Divinity
Coconut candy
PB and J fudge
Gingerbread cookies
Hot cocoa pops

As for the rest of my baked goods I am undecided and need to scare up some delicious family recipes from Royce's side. The women in this family make some amazing cookies. Hint hint I will be calling you for recipes in the near future!

So what is on your list of "merry making"?
Do share!!


ps. I will share the recipes as they are made :) Starthing today!


the 30 girl said...

Those all sound great...especially the peanut butter and jelly fudge. I'm excited my cookies are making the list too...they are seriously good. In my opinion you can't go wrong with anything cooked up on Smitten Kitchen.

A.Co said...

That's quite the list!!

That picture is delicious looking - dd you make those??

Hmm, on my baking list? Peanut Butter Squares (with chococlate) and.. shortbread? Hehe - short, but sweet ;)

Happy baking!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

I'm Danielle said...

A.CO- I can't find your name from your site.. :) ..but seriously how cute are you!? love love your site. I need some fashion inspiration and you have got it! Peanut butter squares sound yummy. Nigella Lawson had a great recipe for them. And the fudge, so good...the pic is from Martha Stewart :).

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