Out and about...West Elm and Ikea.


We went on a trip to West elm to exchange a rug we had purchased a few months ago. It was turning out to be a choking hazard for little O. Big balls of fuzz come up off of it (super irritating) and she of course puts them in her mouth. Long story short, don't buy said rug if you don't want a big hairy choking mess. The manager was so nice and helpful, I didn't even have mt receipt and was prepared for a battle. I was pleasantly surprised with the easy return and their customer service. I love West Elm even more now! So I got a new rug and picked up a few other things along the way. Like this sweet little paper mache bird. It is made from newsprint, and I am sort of loving all of the bird decor that is around lately. so sweet.


And of course I had to pick up the paper mache topiary tree. I thought it would be nice on the table for the holidays or year round.


We then spent "some" time in Ikea, a long time actually. E loves exploring room to room, and deciding which is her favorite. I became mentally overloaded, as I always do in Ikea, because there is so much to look at. We walked away with a couple of round jute seats to stack up in the family room, and some new pillow covers.


I just saw this card holder from Pottery Barn, and I think I am going to make one. Looks super simple right? I am sure I can put one together for less than $199. I will let you know how it goes....all In all it was a nice day. Perfect with my two little angels, would have been three but R was working :). I hope you have a relaxing Sunday. I will be making this....and maybe these .


Ps. here is the recipe exchange info for next week, and make sure to check out Jora's recipe for homemade stock!


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