Cocktail friday.

Hello friday, we meet again. This recipe was found here while I was mindlessly browsing the internet much to late at night. :) I hope you all had a fab week! This cocktail will be great for any halloween festivities comming up, and a great way to incorporate pears when they are at their peak.

October Cocktail

½ oz.Whiskey
¾ oz. Pear Puree
½ oz. Passionfruit Puree
¼ oz. Passionfruit Syrup
Brut Champagne to top

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake thoroughly. Strain into an ice-filled Punch glass. Top with Champagne and garnish with a pear slice. Enjoy!

At the end of this week I am need of a cocktail. So cheers to you and a great weekend!



Torrie said...

Last year, we made pear martinis, and loved them.

I'll need to try this, ya know, for 'research purposes' and all... to see which one I *prefer:).

I'm Danielle said...

Yes for research purposes only ;)....nothing like doing a little research after a long day..

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