Goodbye summer. Hello routine.

We said goodbye to our relaxed summer routine (no routine) and dove head first into kindergarten. E is loving it. The only thing that eases the pain of realizing your first baby is growing up, is that she is having the time of her life. She would like it to be a full day! I knew she was ready. As for me, I was a hot mess leading up to that day. But her excitement eased her mamas pain. 
I can honestly say I am so happy to be back in a routine. I spent some serious time back at the gym, and dove into my "soccer mom" duties. I really love it minus the parents who think 5 year old soccer games call for yelling from the sidelines. Is it necessary? NO, I think not. Regardless of the spastic minivan soccer mom, its all fun :)....... Also when in your life can your soccer team go by "The Pink Sparkly Unicorns"??? Yep. That's our team name.
And since I have made it past a week of firsts, a weekend filled with some back to school illness, and some scattered tears, I am really ready to get back to a real routine. A routine that work for me and my most important peeps. I cant wait to catch up on all that has been happening, share some stories, hop over to Pink Moon Daily to talk food allergies, and share some fall Dandelion goods with you all!
I hope you all had a smooth summer to back to business transition...


SuchSmallSteps said...

Glad to hear the first week went well! My little lady starts next Tuesday and I am SO nervous!

bestie said...

i hear you on the soccer game yelling. it calls for an SNL skit for sure. we have the classic screaming father who ends every rant with, "but just have fun" hilarious!!

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