Merry making ~ a virtual progressive dinner

Here is a little peek of the holiday photos I snapped of the girlies yesterday. We had a a lot of fun, some attitude, and some tears....what else can you expect from a photo session with your children? We followed up with some hot cocoa and all tears were forgotten :) Make sure to check out the lineup for a virtual progressive holiday party I am participating in over at elleinadspir tomorrow. Someone pass me a cocktail...

Monday Dec 12th – Michelle of Pinque will dress us for our party.

Tuesday Dec 13th – Danielle of Domestic Dish will tempt us with an appetizer.

Wednesday Dec 14th – AK of Tipsy Society will provide us with a cocktail.

Thursday Dec 15th -  Katie of Salt and Pine will help us buy our hostess gifts.

Monday Dec 19th – Estelle of Under A Pink Moon will provide our soup course. 

Tuesday Dec 20th – Emily of Notorious MLE will entice us with a main course.

Wednesday Dec 21st - Melissa of Pineapple Lily will share with us her wish list of Holiday Decor

Thursday Dec 22nd – Carrie of This Free Bird will give us a yummy end to our party. 


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Thanks for a grreat post Danielle. I'm making this on Xmas for sure! And thanks for spreading the party link love ;)

Torrie said...

such a lil' cutie :).

... for your christmas card... right??

(yes- photo sessions can be painful, but hot cocoa thereafter makes everything all better. for sure.)

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