Vanilla bean. And a Winner!

So I have holiday cooking/baking on my mind in a big way. I have been away from my regular cooking routine and I don't like it! Cooking really adds a lot of peace on my life... So this weekend I plan on stocking up and getting ready. And there is one thing that I think  know you should do if you want to get ready as well.

Pick up a vanilla bean in your spice section, scrape the vanilla bean into some hot simple syrup (perfect for iced/hot coffee, 1 part sugar to two parts sugar) and put the leftover bean pod in a jar of sugar. It is such a great addition to holiday baking. You will love it! I keep a jar year round only because I learned to from one of my favorite ladies a while back. 

Or just add them to your favorite vanilla cake recipe...See those little vanilla beans?!

Are you ready to know who the winner of our Joy Bauer books are?! For the first book  FOOD CURES goes to:

 Amy of Goodies and Besties! Congrats lady!

Leave it to me, to put a picture of a cake on this post.

And the second book Slim & Scrumptious goes to:

Surfer Wife ! Yay!

You lovely ladies will hear from me soon! Thank you all for participating!!



Torrie said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

I know how it feels to GET BACK into the kitchen... I'll be in the kitchen a lot this weekend as well :). We'll have to send pics via FB/twitter here and there!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I need to get my butt out of the kitchen, lol. Too many sweet not enough working out!

Bestie said...

Thank you!! Excited for those books!

Love the vanilla bean idea...adding it to my shopping list this weekend!


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