San Diego Food Bank: Dollar A Dish

The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program at the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank provides weekend food to elementary school children who receive free school meals during the week, but are going hungry over the weekends when school meals are unavailable. Some of these children are returning to school on Monday having eaten little or nothing since Friday lunch. The program currently serves 800 children in 22 schools. With the continued support of the community they will serve 1050 children in 26 schools in the 2011-2012 school year.

One way to support this program is through the Dollar A Dish Fundraiser. The annual campaign began in 2009 when local food bloggers Caron Golden and Alice Robertson launched a grassroots food drive and fundraiser to support the program. To show their support two local restaurants graciously donated a “dollar a dish” for a featured dish for one month. In 2010 the fundraiser grew exponentially with the participation of over 30 San Diego restaurant locations.

During the month of August, Dollar a Dish doubled the funds raised the previous year.  Once again 30 San Diego restaurant locations and gourmet food trucks have signed up to join the campaign. Each participant has picked ONE popular dish and will donate a dollar to Food 4 Kids every time it is sold during the month of August. There are some really great restaurants participating!

Below you will find a list of participating restaurants and food trucks along with their featured dish for the month of August.

Additionally, you can find more detailed information about the Food 4 Kids Backpack program here:

If you eat out this month, find your way to a participating location. Because no child deserves to be hungry...



claire said...

It's so sad that in 2011, we have so many children going hungry :(
The dollar a dish fundraiser is a great idea, thanks for sharing!
I'm hoping to get my kids involved in helping out with a similar idea in our area this year.

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