Hi friends. I have been BUSY. Away for a while for a quick trip to Palm springs with all the ladies in my life, and back home to work. I have to admit not much cooking has been happening. That is why you see these lovely avocados here. We have been eating easy. Things like guacamole, avocado bruschetta, Mexican takeout... I am working on making some changes around here to this little space and working on something new and exciting and scary (you will hear more soon, pinky swear). In the meantime, I will leave you with a useful tip:

 Be careful where you store your apples.

The gas given off by the apple will speed up the ripening process allowing you to eat them sooner. Place an apple into a paper or plastic bag with the fruit you want to ripen faster. The ethylene gas produced by apples, however, will work against you in the same way. Fruits and vegetables that are placed, stored, close to apples will go bad (wilt, mold, decay) faster.

That's all for now. Busy. Busy.



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I knew this about bananas but not apples. Thank you!

Bestie said...

moving my apples now..i only knew this about citrus fruits. thx!!!

Torrie said...

Thank you for sharing that lil' tidbit!

Looking forward to the changes :).

Estelle said...

O.k. a totally unrelated comment but I'm coming to you first. My husband was pouting over my citrus cake because I never make treats for him and he admitted that he loves lemon meringue pie with graham cracker crust (I never knew this!) and Boston Cream Pie. That I knew. Anyway, have you tried either? I'm looking for a good recipe for each...

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