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I had to get this out here today in light of the weekend. I have been perpetually sick for the past 3 weeks. Blah. Enough on that. This weekend is important to me for two major reasons or people rather:

1. My dad : aka one great dad.

2. My love : aka one great dad.

In honor of them we will be sending them out to golf with the rest of the guys in the family in the morning and they will come home to a barbecue fit for a dad. here's the lineup if you need some menu planning inspiration:

To drink:

Whiskey lemonade {a riff on Smitten's Vermontucky lemonade}

To snack:

Peel and eat shrimp boil with hot sauce

To eat:

Dry rubbed smokey pork ribs
Creamy cilantro-lime coleslaw
Black eye pea and bacon salad
Homemade mac and cheese

To sweet:

Bourbon peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream

Thank you to you both for being amazing dad's. And for the record, I am definitely my father's daughter. I love you both more than words can express.

Go show some dads the love.



Ana Degenaar said...

This is so moving, I love it!
Happy Weekend
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Torrie said...

Incredibly sweet, and thanks for sharing the pictures! I've never seen your husband or your dad :).

Estelle said...

Sounds like you planned a fabulous father's day for your lucky guys. Hope you are feeling better.

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