Petit artist.

A few weeks ago, little E's school hosted their annual art show. This was our second year, and we were just as blown away as the year before. The school puts on a big event with help from the parents and auctions off pieces from each room. Each room studies a different artist for weeks and creates their own versions. Last year she studied Andy Warhol, which was amazing to have a 3 year old walking around talking about the Marilyn Monroe painting. We loved it.

This year they had John James Audubon. He painted wildlife, primarily birds.

The children's work was amazing and E was so proud to show off all that she had worked on. Every day leading to the event she would give us bits and pieces of what she was learning.

I signed up to bring a snack for the kids, and these were a hit. Strawberry and marshmallow pops. I am a firm believer that all food on a stick is better.

This was the piece that the children in her class worked on together. E said she helped paint a part of each piece of the owl, as did  ever other student. Talk about a collaboration! I have always loved art and it is important that I help my children find the same love. I like to think we enable an artistic and creative environment for the girls. Have any ideas?



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love this! Art is so important and kids just love it. I can't wait to do more art with B this summer. We haven't done as much lately as usual.

Torrie said...

What a great idea!! Our school is starting to do something similar, on a smaller scale. I love Amy's tip (Here) for displaying the artwork for a period of time, and then simply switching it out. It tends to pile up and I want to showcase it, but then by the time I get around to it, we get more! This is a simple way to enable an artistic environment :).

Ana Degenaar said...

Proud mama! I love all that cute stuff. Kids and art make a great combo.

Bestie said...

love this idea for a preschool! i may just have to mention it to my son's school. thanks for sharing. kid art is the best. xo

domestic dish said...

I was SO proud! I am working on a new way to display art, it does pile up ALL OVER!

Anonymous said...

I love it! The kids are so talented. I totally believe in making art easily accessible & fun for kids. We are lucky that we live in a town with tons of artists and art programs for kids so they see (and participate in) such a rich, colorful, fun makes a huge difference, doesn't it?

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