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With mother's day right around the corner, I thought I would share some of my personal favorites for gifting. This sweet little collection of goods will do for any mom in your life. Especially if that mom is like me.  All I hope to do on Mother's Day, is to spend time with my wonderful mom  and snuggle up close to my sweet girls. And a little gifting never hurt.... did you catch the hints honey? 
I think that little birdies are so sweet, and reminds me of when my girlies were newborns. They look like sweet little baby birds gazing up at you. Perfect for any new mom.
This little bowl completely delights me. I love chalk surfaces and think a couple of these would look nice in my kitchen. What do you think? Perfect for any kitchen loving mom.
This appeals the crafty mom in me.
memory book
This sweet little journal sits right next to my bed, and I can record a daily thought or moment. It is usually something about the girls, and It makes me feel better about not documenting Everything.
Pink Diva Long Feather Hair Extension
Maybe some feather hair extensions for the boho chic mom? I am kinda dying to try these!
What's on your gift want and giving list?


Bestie said...

love the feather hair extensions!

last year, my husband took my son to the bead store and they made me bracelets (that includes the kids names)...this year, we are all going together and they will help me make more bracelets! and i just love to see their little creative minds work, even more than the bracelets (almost) ;)

xo have a great weekend!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I love the bird necklaces! So sweet. Birds are my absolute fave.

Torrie said...

Happy mother's day Danielle! Love your picks :).

On my list? Gwyneth's book, and for my mom- a crock pot! I didn't realize how old and tiny hers was until she borrowed mine!

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