Treasure found.

Veuve Clicquot Rose

Good morning everyone. I am still trying to fill up on caffeine to make up for the late night consumption of champagne with my sweetie. I hope you all had a valentine's day filled with love <3 ....My day started with a school party for E, where she proudly told all her friends that I was her valentine! It completely made my day...she is such a sweet girl. Next R and I had lunch, drinks, and doughnuts on the beach. Followed up by a family dinner at home. And the Bachelor. Perfect.


I had planned on something else today, but this was too good. While up like a crazy stalker searching for "crazy Michele" from the Bachelor's beautiful necklace, I discovered something wonderful. The Possessionista. No more late night Internet scouring to look for the fab things you see someone wearing, she does it for you!! Love, love, love this! And by the way I am glad he kicked her to the curb, although she was fun to watch :) Have a great day!


I am lucky enough to join another one of Pretty Mommy's Recipe Exchanges. A little late I might add! Here is the lineup. Check it out. Today It's Tina's Paella.


Estelle said...

Mmmm, shared a bottle of veuve cliquot (sp?) with my hubby on Sunday night. It was pretty great. I so want to try the rose version. The bottle is just so pretty.

Love that your little E declared you the Valentine of choice! So sweet.

Torrie said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts =).

That is so adorable. Little girls (well, boys too) can be so sweet sometimes. Love those moments. And your day sounds absolutely perfect.

Your comment was too funny yesterday! My thoughts exactly.

Torrie said...

p.s. headed to check out the Passionista now!

Torrie said...

Okay, my last comment on this post. Love that site! I'm now following. =)

Bestie said...

i am obsessed with the possessionista! have been following her for quite awhile and hoping i run into her sometime (ok, this could be by accident or not - i do follow her on twitter) as she live in the burbs here. love. her.

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