Dear Santa, the "up seller".

Just take a listen. Santa is "up selling" Ella's request for new barbies to a BARBIE DREAM HOUSE!! Listen Santa, I think that is against some kind of "Santa code" never make a toy suggestion. And weren't bringing a barbie dream house this I must look up such a house online. So take it easy Santa and don't make any suggestions unless you are really gonna deliver!



Torrie said...

Seriously!! Are you kidding me?? :)

Because I can't bare to see any more clothe-less Barbies lying around, Santa reading into Hailey's request for "Barbies" and getting her a home... and her grandma is getting her an accompanying car that comes with yet another Barbie (both pretty inexpensive surprisingly!).

I'm Danielle said...

I know right?!! I am still a bit upset with santa! We had already went with the barbie razor with the matching doll for her big gift. Maybe a dream house next year!

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