Thanksgiving planning monday.


Ok It's time to get ready for the big show....and if you are know my family I mean a BIG show. Big turkey rather. Every year my lovely mom and dad are brave enough to roast a 40lb turkey. It has been a family tradition ever since I can remember. We like 'em BIG so big that my parents and their big turkey have been featured in a local butcher advertisement (I will have to dig it up and share, it is pretty priceless)!  Since I am thinking about prepping, shopping, etc....I thought I would share what I am contributing this year in case you need any ideas. I am responsible for 2 side dishes, an appetizer, and a dessert Here is whats on my list to make:

  • Cocktail crab cakes with remoulade
  • Roasted winter veggies with Gruyere cheese sauce
  • Sweet potato souffle
  • Chocolate cranberry-pecan tart

If you are really in a Thanksgiving crisis Martha Stewart has a "Thanksgiving hot line". Of course she does. You can find the link to listen here. And if need be you can call 800.675.6675. No joke! You never know when you may have a "turk-mergency". Oh and speaking of Martha Stewart, check out this turkey cupcake from Kitchen Corners. Amazing! Otherwise we are going to eat light this week, I'm thinking lots of salad. This way we can eat all the good stuff on Thanksgiving. If you'd like any of the recipes I'd be happy to share! Tomorrow I will be prepping some kiddie crafts to keep the little ones occupied during the day! I will fill you in!

Ps. I am so excited to participate in second recipe exchange that the lovely pretty mommy is hosting. This time we will get some great ideas for the holidays! Can't wait! Today it's Torrie's turn. So head on over to a place to share... where she is cooking up a turkey gumbo. How fitting for your thanksgiving turkey leftovers?


Hope you had a silly weekend too.
luv, E&O


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Martha has a hotline? Ih my, what does that woman NOT do? I swear!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your big fat turkey! Sounds super fun.

Torrie said...

So, I kind of dropped off the face of the {blog} earth for a few days, and have a couple hours without the kids (time to catch up!!!).

A waaaaaaaay belated thank you for the shout out, and I love hearing about the dishes other people are making!! I won't ask how it went, because there might be a future post (I'm starting from oldest to newest:). I love the tradition of a 40 pounder!!!

I'm Danielle said...

I dropped off tooo.....and I am back :). Thanksgiving was too good. I need a diet!

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