The past three days I have been consumed by the humming of slot machines and people carrying around mile long daiquiri cups. That's right I took a ladies trip to Vegas. It was so nice. We spent the days shopping, vodka drinking, slot playing, and 2am breakfast eating. I needed it, and now I am back in the domestic swing of things even though I am still mentally checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel. Needless to say I have NO idea what I plan on cooking this week. Any ideas for me? Thanks to the lovely mama's with whom I went...good times.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Girls gone wild...
Did you have anything special to eat that we should know about?
Oh by the way, I went to the Pattis Hallmark open house this last week end. It was alot of fun and got me in the Christmas spirit! Great gifts for every one. I bought a cute snowman to give as a hostess cute

Torrie said...

How FUN!!! (especially the vodka part:)

And I'm so glad that you went to F21!! Seriously- I had not been in years- and although my trip was overwhelming (with only an hour left until closing, I went into a super-sized location- XXI...didn't even realize I had one 7 miles away from my house...that's how much I'd been shopping as of late), I am now addicted. I went back the night after that post, and then spent an hour (or more:) getting a few more things that I couldn't find in the store!!! (I truly needed clothes- bad.) So- YAY for you that you got to shop too *kid-fee:).

So, I made Stephanie's soup last night... really good (and healthy, which I need!)

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