Fall recipe exchange.

Since fall is finally here, well as much as it will get here for southern California, It is time for some scrumptious fall recipes. So in order to give us all some great ideas I am lucky enough to swap recipes with some lovely ladies. Lets find out what they will dish out... here is the lineup:

Oct 4th -   Pretty Mommy
Oct 5th - Torrie  a place to share...
Oct 6th - Katie 
Oct 7th - Karen  http://itallstartedatmothers.blogspot.com
Oct 8th - Estelle  www.underapinkmoon.com
Oct 11th - Yours Truly 
domestic dish
Oct 12th - Chassity  Look Linger Love

Oct 13th - Rebecca  Reluctant Floridian
Oct 14th - Elisabeth  You Plus Me Equals

Oct 15th - Jora  Domestic Reflections

Oct 18th - Catherine  Rikshaw Design
Oct 19th - Abby  5th Joy
Oct 20th - Stephanie  Scrumptious
Oct 21st - Jennifer  whiskitgood.com
Oct 22nd - Kate  butthesqueal.blogspot.com

Oct 25th - Tina  Bull In A China Shop

Oct 26th - Kim  Lighter and Local 
Oct 27th - Elaine  Mama Seasonings
Oct 28th - Jess Shades of Sunshine
Oct 29th - Michelle 
Studio Surface, The Blog

Nov 4th- Miya 
You Plus Me Equals 

Make sure to check them out! You will have all your October meals and some planned! How great is that? And on a side note did you hear Jimmy Choo is doing a collaboration with Ugg Australia?? Comfy yet high fashion...I might love this. My inner beach bum and fashionista are both delighted. I thought you should know. Goodnight!



Ana Degenaar said...

This is so cool! I feel like such a dork for not checking it out earlier! Love it!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by "my place". Um and what a small world?! We're both in San Diego and we both know Ana! She designed my blog as well. What a trip! I'm glad you introduced yourself and now we can be blogger friends. P.S., next time some of the local SD blogger gals get together you should come!

I'm Danielle said...

Thanks ladies! I was lucky enough to stumble upon Ana on a web search. She is so great (Thanks Ana:) )! I am brand new to blogging and blogger friends I would love to have ;), I would love to meet the locals. And ya what a small world!!

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