Butter is better and one handy hub.

So I thought I would give you all a few updates. The planter is pretty much done, thanks to R who is a modern day Bob Vila. Thanks honey! And I threw together some butter making photos to show you just how easy it REALLY is :).
Looks great thanks to my handy man! I'm so excited to have all these fresh herbs on hand :)

Now the butter: All you need: mixer (hand is fine too if you want to work your muscles), heavy cream, cheese cloth, bowl, and a pinch of salt.
add the heavy cream and salt.Whip til it looks like scrambles eggs, pat the fluffy whipped cream stage.
Strain in the cheese cloth.
I like to put it in a butter dish to mold it into a traditional butter rectangle.
(see how it looks like eggs)

And you are left with beautiful buttermilk. Buttermilk pancakes anyone?

The possibilities for this east butter recipe are endless. You can mix in herbs for herb butter, roasted garlic for garlic butter, honey for honey butter, whatever you fancy. You could also use the mix-ins with store bought butter if you want. What shall I do with my butter now?


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